We teach pragmatic and effective methods for growth-promoting leadership among teachers, and we provide administrators with tools for collecting specific data, for identifying starting points and desired growth outcomes, and for consulting with and coaching teachers.  Testimonials speak to the success of ObserverTab, LLC facilitations.

Tools for Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches


"These facilitations help us create a positive learning
community characterized by meaningful personal
connections and mutual respect."

Lori Rogers
Director of Instruction and Accountability
Los Lunas Schools, New Mexico

"This training has taught coaches to analyze, thoughtfully
plan, and process each step of the coaching cycle as they work
side by side with classroom teachers. We will be ever grateful
for this help and support."

Ms. Marla Atkinson
Reading First Director
San Juan School District, Utah

"Our staff has lived the use of these engagement strategies through your dynamic facilitations and authentic examples, from your insight and humor, and through your guided practice.
Thank you so much!"

Ms. Sonia Lawson, Principal
Raymond Gabaldon Elementary School
Los Lunas Schools, New Mexico

"The professional development offered to our reading coaches has directly affected our classroom teachers. Support has been given through deeper more meaningful and effective conversations throughout the coaching cycle."
Ms. Marla Atkinson
Reading First Director
San Juan School District, Utah

Class Acts: Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning


Class Acts: Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning

"Class Acts is so valuable that I want all my teachers and para-professionals who work with children to have this book."
Janice R. Flanagan, Principal
Copper Hills Elementary School
Magna, Utah

"I'd love to have a whole faculty studying it."
Lynette Golz, Assistant Principal
Granite School District
Salt Lake City, Utah

"A truly wonderful book . . .
one of the more remarkable resources I've used."

Kenneth Hopkins
2009 Huntsman Award: Teacher of the Year
Professional Learning Specialist
Salt Lake City, Utah

Help Teachers Engage Students

Help Teachers Engage Students

"I love the tools. This book is an excellent resource for principals to provide more helpful feedback to teachers."
Karen Hickman
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
Pasadena Independent School District, Texas